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Diversified Yacht Services, Inc. | DYS Cosmetic Services

Proper detailing of your vessel is crucial for the health of your vessel as well as critical for maintaining its value. Aesthetic appeal aside, the constant battle against the elements can wreak havoc on all exterior finishes if not taken care of on a routine basis. Sun and salt water create a harsh environment, constantly attacking your paint, gel coat, varnish, metal, leather, and vinyl. The regular removal of salt with a complete wash down goes a long way towards preventing unnecessary corrosion and ultra-violet damage. Preventative protection such as waxing, varnishing, compounding, and metal polishing will keep your yacht in pristine condition and enhance your experience as an owner.

Our detailing service includes:
Compound and Wax
Oxidation Removal
Interior Cleaning
Leather/Vinyl Restoration
Metal Polishing/Rust Stain Removal
Engine and Engine Room Detailing
Bottom Cleaning
Teak Cleaning and Oiling
Eisenglass Cleaning
Bilge Cleaning

Fiberglass & Gel Coat Repairs
Refinishing Using Awl-Grip
Stainless/Metal/Aluminum Restoration

Teak Decking
Cap Rails
Custom Enclosures
High Gloss Refinishing

Cosmetic Services @ Diversified Yacht Services

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